The Tiger consortium

TIGER brings together world leading expertise in a range of disciplines to implement this innovative and exciting project.

Implementing the clinical studies eTheRNA immunotherapies bring their expertise in translating research to clinic, coordinating clinical studies and performing and analysing immune monitoring assays. The academic medical centres, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc and VU University Medical Center bring academic support and international clinical expertise in HPV+ patient populations, HPV+ cancers, current standards of care, clinical trial expertise and the clinical perspectives to deliver patient care in close association with scientific research. VUMC are also leaders in immunology and bring extensive immunology monitoring expertise.

Innovative diagnostics and biomarker development will be driven by Radiomics and SAGA Diagnostics providing new knowledge and leading to scientific breakthroughs. The leading cancer patient organisation ECPC, bring social science, EU affairs, public health communications, regulatory experience and healthcare economics along with working links to cancer patient networks and policy makers at national and EU level.

Communication activities are led by Ceratium BV, experts in science communication to educate, promote and explain onco immunotherapeutics for society, and dissemination for the project.