eTheRNA immunotherapies


eTheRNA immunotherapies NV’s mission is to satisfy poorly met medical needs in global cancer and infectious disease patient populations through research and development of RNA-based therapies. eTheRNA will expand and apply proprietary technologies to discover and develop patient-friendly and cost-effective treatments. In this project, the research consortium is using eTheRNA’s proprietary TriMix mRNA technology to stimulate and educate dendritic cells to create a potent, durable T-cell-mediated immune response against the human papilloma virus antigens in the tumours. In this project, we will evaluate the safety and efficacy of the mRNA vaccine in lipid nanoparticles for the first time in humans. The project will use mRNA manufactured at eTheRNA’s in-house GMP-production facility located in Niel, Belgium. More information: and

Meet the team

Marina Cools

Project Coordinator| VP of Clinical Development at eTheRNA

Marina is a virologist with over twenty years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D; from drug discovery to late stage clinical development. She has worked with biotech SMEs and large pharmaceutical companies.

Bernard Sagaert

SVP, Chief Operations Officer at eTheRNA

Bernard is an industrial pharmacist and licensed Qualified Person with extensive and broad experience in the Pharmaceutical industry internationally in large, medium sized and small companies.

Rafael Leon

Director of Clinical Development at eTheRNA

Rafael holds a MD degree in general medicine and surgery with more than 10 years of experience in academia and industry R&D from early development to late stage and approval in oncology and aesthetics fields.

Brenda De Keersmaecker

Senior Scientist In Vitro Pharmacology at eTheRNA

Brenda holds a PhD in medical sciences and has over 10 years of experience with in vitro immunogenicity studies and immune monitoring, both in oncology and infectious diseases field.

Ellen Heirwegh

Research Associate In Vitro Pharmacology

Ellen holds a Master in Biochemical Sciences.

Lina Blockx

Research Associate In Vitro Pharmacology

Lina holds a Master in Molecular and Cellular Biomedical Sciences and has 8 years experience in analysis of human clinical trial samples and immune monitoring.