Radiomics is a next generation Liege-based imaging CRO built upon the unparallel experience of its founders, pioneers of the radiomics science. Radiomics focuses on AI powered healthcare, with a unique expertise in Radiomics, Deep Learning & Federated Learning applied to oncology and other therapeutic areas. Through our proprietary advanced image analysis technology, we aim to unravel the gold mine of hidden data information embedded in standard medical images. Our final goal is to support insight-based decision making for optimizing pharmaceutical and biotech companies’ clinical trials and drug development studies and for providing clinicians with a patient-centered approach based on personalized medicine. With this aim, Radiomics’ R&D team is continuously working on new solutions, in collaboration with multiple national and international partners.
In the TIGER project we will provide deep learning analysis on the radiology imaging in the clinical trial. Radiomics is pleased to bring our advanced imaging biomarker technology and expertise to the TIGER consortium. We are committed to supporting the development of next generation immunotherapies for cancer, such as the first in class therapeutic mRNA vaccine. TIGER is a great opportunity to further develop and validate our radiomics signatures for HPV+ cancers, increasing the understanding of the patients’ tumors and offering actionable insight via routine standard medical imaging.

Meet the team

Sean Walsh

Seán is a co-founder of radiomics and serves as chief science officer. He is a medical physicist with key expertise in data science and a decade of experience in the fields of radiology and oncology. He has a proven track record of managing, processing, and discovering actionable insight from (federated) clinical data in multiple international cancer centers.
Seán is primarily responsible for leading research activities within radiomics, setting scientific priorities in accordance with the mission and goals of the company. The research team is driven by a commercial attitude of scientific excellence. Agility, innovation, and impact are core pillars to maintain a ‘thought leadership’ position for the company, advance science, and address the unmet clinical needs of the healthcare community.
Seán obtained a PhD from the National University of Ireland, Galway before becoming a joint postdoctoral scholar at the University of Oxford and Maastro Clinic. He has a passion for sport.

Wim Vos

Wim serves as chief executive officer at Radiomics. He is the driver behind Radiomics’ vision, which is based on his knowledge gained in over 15 years in different leadership roles in quantitative imaging companies. Using his experience and network, Wim’s strengths lie in identifying unseen opportunities and leads the team using out of the box thinking. Wim represents a resource for Radiomics, which thanks to his business sprint has shaped its pathway towards success.
Before joining Radiomics in 2019 Wim was co-founder of FLUIDDA where he initially led the technical development team and was afterwards responsible for the global commercial activities. He holds a MSc in aerospace engineering from TU Delft (NL) and a PhD in physics from the university of Antwerp (BE).

Mariaelena Occhiptinti

Mariaelena serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Radiomics. She is a radiologist with a subspecialty in Thoracic Imaging and expertise in quantitative imaging. The clinical validity of the results obtained from quantitative imaging, combined with the existing and the expected future clinical needs of the healthcare community, are the fulcrum of her work.
Her activity within the company is dedicated to the rigorous development and application of our innovative technology; ensuring the appropriate quality of the data, performance of the artificial intelligence algorithms, and to guarantee the medical safety of radiomics solutions and products.
She possesses extensive experience validating quantitative imaging software solutions in the clinical setting, through numerous collaborations with international partners. Notably, two research fellowships in the US at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Boston, Massachusetts) and at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota). Mariaelena holds an MD PhD in Clinical Science & Pulmonology from the University of Florence.